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Relay Type:Magnetic Latching Relay


25a 250vac 1c change over spdt 5 pin Magnetic Latching Relay 12v dc coil pcb type ul tuv
.High contact capability.
.High vibration resistance.
.Single coil and dual coil available.
.Only implusing,but single and dual coil can work together.

File No.:E341498

File No.:11002056153

File No.:R50197243

Contact Data

Y25-112L-D 25A 250vac 1c change over SPDT 5 Pin Magnetic Latching Relay 12v dc Coil PCB Type ul tuv

 Contact Capactity
    Model: Y25-112L-D                     
Nominal Switching Capacity: 25A 250VAC                                      
Contact Arrangement: 1b,1c                                              
Max. switching current:


Max. Switching voltage: 250VAC                                         
Max.Switching Power: 6250VA                                      


Contact matenal: Sliver alloy
Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ Min.(DC500V)
Initial contact resistance(at 6VDC 1A) 50mΩ Max.
Operate Time (at nominal volt): 10msec.Max.
Release Time (at nominal volt): 10msec.Max
Ambient Temperature: -40℃ ~ 85℃(no condensation)
Unit weight: Approx.32.0g


 Coil Data
Nominal Voltage: (5-48)VDC
Coil Power: 1.0W 2.0W         1.5W 3.0W




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